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release largeHe was only going for 3 days. But I would not be there to pick up his towels dropped on the floor after a shower. I could not remind him that the world appreciates it when he brushes daily, even though he is unconvinced of the priority.

Train, train, train...

Encourage, encourage, encourage...

Lead, lead...


The whole "release" thing is where it gets scary. It feels like our report card. How does he do when I am not around? Who is he when he KNOWS that we are not looking? Okay.. basically, how is he turning out?

Oh? Did I mention that he got his braces on a day before he left? And that his mouth was really super sore? Should I cancel the trip?

Ah, the temptation to not release.

Wonder if Jesus worried about how the disciples would do? Were they ready?

I realize that I still have many precious times with Will to train, encourage, and lead, but that more and more of my work is "knee work" now. I NEED to release him more and more, let him test his wings, and I need to move more and more faithfully into praying earnestly for the man of God that I know is within him.

So instead of calling, I texted him, "Good night buddy. Sleep good. Brush your teeth, check for boogers, be grateful. I Love You!! :) Mom"

And then, I prayed.

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He was only going for 3 days. But I would not be there to pick up his towels dropped on the floor after a shower.

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