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Holly Worsley is a gifted teacher and story-teller speaking to hundreds each year. Holly has a unique ability to connect personally with her audience, drawing people in with her stories, an infectious sense of humor, gut level honesty, and realness. What you see is what you get (well, except she typically sets aside her baseball cap, which just so happens to be her favorite accessory).

Holly is a frequent keynote presenter at women's events, retreats, banquets, and Lake Forest Church, her home church in Davidson, NC.

Ordinary Women Following An Extraordinary God

In this series of messages, I give examples from scripture of how even our "faith heroes" had very ordinary moments; they were quite human and real, just as we are. However, when they allowed themselves to truly be "open" and "available" to our extraordinary God, they were used in incredible ways in God's story and saw His mighty hand in their lives in extraordinary ways.

Unexpected Turns

In this message series, I speak to the times in life that we don't see coming. Loss, sickness, financial struggles, death, having an empty nest, or watching a child struggling; what does courage look like when we have to "step up" and "stand up" in something or some time that we never anticipated?

God sees you. You are NEVER out of His sight. You are engraved on the palm of His hand. God's constant reminder to us is to move towards community and the Lord instead of away from them (which is the tendency when we hurt).

If you are NOT in one of these times, you most likely know one are many who are. What does it look like to courageously and sacrificially love someone who is here?

The authenticity of the community of Christ is both allowing others to care for you, and caring for those who are hurting, tired or discouraged.


Worn Out People

How often do you hear of people in our churches that are worn out from "doing good"? C.S. Lewis once said that if we are not careful we will end up with, "Good people, doing good things, without Jesus". This message focuses on really seeing other people's stories in the midst of our hectic lives, and speaking into those stories using the unique gifts that God has given to us. We aren't called to be all things. We are called to passionately be who God uniquely created us to be and to trust in His providential plan.


I Shall Not Want...Really?

Not many of us reading this description are shepherds, I am guessing. King David describes our God as a good shepherd. What were the mysteries and the promises that King David revealed to us in Psalm 23 about the character of our God and the radical ways that He loves us? Sometimes we do not need to learn more about our faith, we just need to understand fully what we have already been given, and live from it.


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