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Holly was a fabulous speaker for our weekend retreat. She has a wonderful gift for blending in very humorous real life examples with the truth of God's word and His love for us all. Her teaching always hit home a main point that was impactful and easy to remember. She will be a treat for any group!

Lisa Warren, Women's Ministry Retreat Leader, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC

Holly is very gifted and we would love to have her come again! She was authentic and engaging in her presentation, so warm and funny as she allowed us into her life!!! That was the best part. She shared her life - not perfect but real - and how to draw close to Him in the midst of day to day living. She is truly a "story-teller" and made us feel as if Mary, the mother of Jesus, was with us in the moment.

Lynn Pitts, Founder Young Women's Bible Study, Charlotte, NC

Took about 5 seconds to feel like I'd known you forever! What a beautiful reflection of Him you are.

Glenda Bropst, Young Women's Bible Study, Charlotte, NC

We were blessed to have Holly as our woman's retreat speaker this past fall. When Holly speaks people listen! She has an incredible ability to bring the simple, yet essential truths of the Gospel to bear in people's lives. She communicates with powerful purpose to integrate Holy Scripture with its application in everyday life through the gift of creative story and authentic heart. God has blessed Holly with His ministry of Kingdom-building.

Reverend Leslie S. Dibble, Associate Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church

I found Holly instantly engaging and relatable and I particularly enjoy the way she examines scripture by "stepping into it!" and offering an insider's perspective from a historical standpoint. Touching and humorous applications from her own life serve to prompt clear implications for my own life circumstances. Holly's delivery brings Bible accounts to life - real life.

Glenda Bropst, Young Women's Bible Study, Charlotte, NC

Holly Worsley is a transformational communicator. She instinctively connects real-life practicality with a hard-fought depth of biblical wisdom and knowledge...

Mike Moses, Lead Pastor, Lake Forest Church, Huntersville NC

It's always a complete JOY to hear Holly speak...each time she reminds me of how drawing near to Jesus, as a mom & wife, enables us to be real, honest, & share Jesus creatively & beautifully in our relationships. i'm so thankful for her contagious & genuine spirit & the way she challenges us all to focus on the Real Thing vs. settling for a copy that the world offers.

Meredith McDaniel, Lake Forest Church, Huntersville NC

Holly is such a wonderful speaker -- a perfect combination of boldness and humility, humor and seriousness, story and deep truth. Thank you....what a perfect fit you were for our women!


Thank you for your beautiful sermon. As you know, pain is intense. You touched my core and I embraced your sermon with palms turned up to God. I cried like a baby. I sat next to a friend and she described you as "gracefully honest". I could not agree more. You are gifted and real... Thank you for being a beautiful, eloquent vessel of God's rich love.


What a blessing it was to hear Holly speak last night at our Homeschool Kickoff Meeting! She is so real! Her sharing was so heartfelt and joyful. To be reminded that we are ordinary parents, but that God is extraordinary, was exactly what I needed to hear! Several other moms shared with me that they felt the same way... Thank you, Holly!

Marion Marcy, Life Lake Norman

The Lord has both called and equipped you as a communicator... From the moment you stepped on stage and said your first word until you walked off stage it was evident that the Lord had spoken to you in your hardships and now, for all to see and be challenged by, He had you put your "fruit" on display. Thank you for your honesty and your attentiveness to His word.


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